Denso Diesel

BG Diesel took over the Denso diesel import in Denmark March 1. 2013. In 2012, BG Diesel is appointed the first and only Denso injector workshop in Denmark. BG Diesel is therefore the only company, who can test and repair Denso commonrail injectors and Denso commonrail (high-pressure) pumps according to the specifications provided by Denso.

Denso diesel systems is a Japanese company, and the diesel systems are very popular on Asian cars and engines, but also European car manufacturers have chosen Denso.
Denso is fitted on following car brands:

  • Citroën
  • Fiat
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Mazda
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Land Rover
  • Opel
  • Peugeot
  • Renault
  • Saab
  • Subaru
  • Toyota

Also Denso delivers commonrail diesel systems for agriculture- and industrial engines:

  • John Deere
  • Kubota
  • Komatsu





Item number:Engine:OE number:
DE-095000-756*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE524361
DE-095000-756*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE518726
DE-095000-756*8.1L John Deere HPCRSE501936
DE-095000-756*8.1L John Deere HPCR095000-5150
DE-095000-756*8.1L John Deere HPCR095000-7560
DE-095000-055*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE524368
DE-095000-055*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE501010
DE-095000-055*8.1L John Deere HPCRSE501940
DE-095000-055*8.1L John Deere HPCR095000-0550
DE-095000-023*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE524360
DE-095000-023*8.1L John Deere HPCRSE501935
DE-095000-023*8.1L John Deere HPCR095000-5230
DE-095000-016*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE524362
DE-095000-016*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE518725
DE-095000-016*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE504181
DE-095000-016*8.1L John Deere HPCRSE501937
DE-095000-016*8.1L John Deere HPCR095000-5160
DE-095000-054*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE524369
DE-095000-054*8.1L John Deere HPCRSE501941
DE-095000-054*8.1L John Deere HPCR095000-0540
DE-095000-019*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE524364
DE-095000-019*8.1L John Deere HPCRRE518723
DE-095000-019*8.1L John Deere HPCRSE501939
DE-095000-019*8.1L John Deere HPCR095000-5190
DE-095000-648*9.0L John Deere HPCRRE546776
DE-095000-648*9.0L John Deere HPCRRE528407
DE-095000-648*9.0L John Deere HPCRRE529149
DE-095000-648*9.0L John Deere HPCRSE501947
DE-095000-648*9.0L John Deere HPCR095000-6480
DE-095000-061*9.0L John Deere HPCRRE543605
DE-095000-061*9.0L John Deere HPCRRE543352
DE-095000-061*9.0L John Deere HPCRSE502556
DE-095000-061*9.0L John Deere HPCR095000-0610
DE-095000-647*9.0L John Deere HPCRRE546777
DE-095000-647*9.0L John Deere HPCRRE528408
DE-095000-647*9.0L John Deere HPCRRE529151
DE-095000-647*9.0L John Deere HPCRSE501948
DE-095000-647*9.0L John Deere HPCR095000-6471
DE-095000-060*9.0L John Deere HPCRRE543606
DE-095000-060*9.0L John Deere HPCRRE543354
DE-095000-060*9.0L John Deere HPCRSE502557
DE-095000-060*9.0L John Deere HPCR095000-0600
DE-095000-505*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE516540
DE-095000-505*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE519730
DE-095000-505*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE507860
DE-095000-505*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRSE501924
DE-095000-505*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCR095000-5050
DE-095000-649*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE546781
DE-095000-649*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE524382
DE-095000-649*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE529118
DE-095000-649*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRSE501926
DE-095000-649*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCR095000-6490
DE-095000-650*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE546782
DE-095000-650*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE529414
DE-095000-650*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE529117
DE-095000-650*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRSE501927
DE-095000-650*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCR095000-6500
DE-095000-688*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE546780
DE-095000-688*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE533454
DE-095000-688*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE532216
DE-095000-688*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRSE501934
DE-095000-688*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCR095000-6880
DE-095000-715*6.8L John Deere HPCRRE534111
DE-095000-715*6.8L John Deere HPCRRE533505
DE-095000-715*6.8L John Deere HPCRSE501933
DE-095000-715*6.8L John Deere HPCR095000-7150
DE-095000-059*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE545562
DE-095000-059*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE543351
DE-095000-059*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE502671
DE-095000-059*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCR095000-0590
DE-095000-631*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE546784
DE-095000-631*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE531209
DE-095000-631*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE530362
DE-095000-631*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRSE501925
DE-095000-631*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCR095000-6310
DE-095000-632*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE546783
DE-095000-632*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE531210
DE-095000-632*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRRE530361
DE-095000-632*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCRSE501928
DE-095000-632*6.8 & 4.5L John Deere HPCR095000-6320



  • Hartridge AVM2-PC
  • Hartridge CRI-PC
  • Hartridge IFR-50



  • Denso VE pump
  • Denso Inline pump mechanical/EDC
  • Denso HP0 commonrail pump
  • Denso HP2 commonrail pump
  • Denso HP3 commonrail pump
  • Denso HP4 commonrail pump
  • Denso traditional injectors + 2-step injectors
  • Denso Commonrail injectors